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Kai Malino Wellness Center produces Hawaiian herbal products with a traditional cultural base in Hawai'i and the Indo-Pacific bio-region. Hawaiians considered their traditional medicinal plants (La'au Lapa'au) sacred because of their usage by their ancestors and gods as were told in their ancient chants (mele). We have created Hawaiian medicinal products for the past years and decided to put it together into a Hawaiian first aid kit called Eke'eke La'au - Hawaiian Medicinal Kit. It is because of their unique diversity in helping with known dis-eases that has brought about the notoriety of the Native / Introduced herbal plants. Modern research and native usage are making it so. You can refer to our Hawaiian medicinal product listings for more information.

Our purpose is to provide supreme quality balanced supplements that are safe, effective and easy to use.
The herbs are gathered fresh from our garden, hillside, shoreline and valleys. All are grown naturally without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Most of the herbs are tinctured under the sunlight. It is our wish that you will enjoy the benefits of these herbs just as people of traditional cultures have done for centuries. It is important for us to establish a relationship with nature by being able to indentify these native and introduce plants. It also have become an accepted part of our oral traditional herbal practices among Hawaiian families before and after 1778. The La'au Lapa'au - Hawaiian Medicinal Plants T-Shirt Design was created and distributed by Kai Malino Wellness Center. It is our hope that these T-shirts will create an awareness that will promote the propagation of our Hawaiian medicinal plants. Now, Kai and Linda mae Kaholokai have created the Relationship with Medicinal Plants Workshops and Demo's for groups or organizations that have an interests in Natural Health Care Programs involving relationship with their medicinal plants. You can make your inquiries by writing to or e-mail us at kaione@ilhawaii.net

"Man's relationship with Nature is to trust that now evolved herbal plants create a new form of fire breath energy for life."

Aloha 'aina,
Kai Ke-ali'i-ke-a'e-hale O Kaholokai

"True health will be ours when we choose to live, breathe and create from our true essence--as God-beings of light and love."

Linda Mae Kaholokai

Turmeric Products & Hawaiian Hano Elixir & Maka'oi:

'Awa Root Powder & Salve, Herbal Salve & Oils:

Eke'eke La'au - Hawaiian Medicinal Kit:

La'au Lapa'au-Hawaiian Medicinal Plants T-Shirt Design:

Kai Malino Wellness Center

(a Hawaiian Herbal Company)


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Kai K. Kaholokai /Linda Kaholokai
Kai Malino Wellness Center
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