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Jerry Kotz

Unique Woodturner Artist

Welcome to the Wood Element home page. I hope you find my work exciting enough to place your custom order with me. If you are thinking of that hard to please person or just want something really different, I'm sure one of my beautiful wood sculptures or natural edge turned vessels is an excellent consideration.

I have discovered that no matter what kind of wood I work with the enjoyment of it all comes from the natural shape and beauty the wood reveals. Just like human beings, no two shapes are alike in form or function. An entire setting of wood offers an elegant ambiance.

My inspiration usually comes from the intrinsic image I get from the wood before I ever start the transformation. Sometimes I study the piece for months before the first cut... All of my work comes from recycled wood... that means surplus wood here in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii, or friends and neighbors trimmings. Sometimes the bigger pieces come from storm damage during high winds and the hurricane season. There always seems to be a good selection of great wood to work with!!

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Jerry Kotz

P.O.B. 38 Kapa'au, HI 96755

808 889 0866